SOLD/EXPIRED Custom Remington Model 7 223 Ack F/S


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Nov 29, 2011
I have a Remington Model 7 built by Mechanical Accuray in Jones Oklahoma for sale. It has a number 4 Hart barrel 1-8 twist, action trued, bolt and barrel ceracoated graphite black with the barrel and bolt fluted by Kampfeld. Included is a Leupold mk AR 6-18 with midots and mounted with DNZ rings. It's bedded in a Bell and Carlson stock. It's a great little gun, just have a new custom on my mind I need to pay for. Looking for $1400 shipped and can send pics with my cell, just send me a pm
I am interested. What model of B&C stock is included? How much does the gun weigh? Is the Leupold included in the price?