Custom Remington 700 Mountain Rifle 243AI


Oct 23, 2008
This is a .243 Ackley Improved mountain rifle built on a Remington 700. It has a 22" stainless Pac-Nor MR contour barrel with a 1-8 twist. The action was trued and original Walker trigger tuned to a clean break of about 3lbs.

It's sitting in a bedded McMillan mountain rifle stock with a milled steel follower and PT&G steel ADL trigger guard.

Rifle will come with Redding FL 243AI dies, once-fired Nosler brass and virgin Starline .243 Win brass.

The glass is a Leupold VX-R 2-7x33 Firedot duplex sitting in Talley lightweight mounts.

Grand total weight is 7.8 lbs according to my bathroom scale, and it balances perfectly.

$1800 for everything shipped CONUS.

$1400 for the rifle and dies/brass (without scope and mounts) shipped CONUS._MG_2851.jpg _MG_2852.jpg _MG_2853.jpg _MG_2855.jpg _MG_2857.jpg