Custom Or Semi-Custom Rifle


Jan 27, 2004
Salt Lake Ciity, Utah
I'm trying to decide on a rifle, I've been researching for about 6 months now I've narrowed it down to 2 rifles a Remington model 700 Sendero .338 ultra mag. Or the Weatherby Accumark .300 mag. And have some gunsmithing done to them. Or whether to just have a custom rifle made. I Like to bench shoot from 100 to 2000 yards, But also would like to use the same rifle for elk, buffalo and if I ever draw out for a moose. Also Does anyone know of a good reputable gun smith near Salt Lake?
Unless you plan on hunting from a bench, your going to need two different guns to get out to 2000 with any degree of accuracy, The remington would be my choice, as it would be alot easier on the walet.
I'd suggest purchasing a combination of the two you have narrowed it down to.
Weatherby Accumark 338-378.

The big 338 bullet you want for the big critters, fluted, slightly heavier but still huntable factory muzzlebraked barrel and the horsepower you are wanting for playing from afar.

Also if you decide within a couple hundred rounds the barrel is too short or not accurate enough for your needs, I'd give you $200 for your factory takeoff barrel and brake.
Something I been thinking about, and it might be worth a look. Federal is running 300 Ultra brass now, Norma might follow if we're lucky, but I doubt we'll see the 338 Ultra brass anytime soon.

Necking up the 300 to 338 would be a better way to go, unless you want to use the 338 Lapua case and be done with it. I won't argue that the 338/378 is a darn good performer, but I will say brass is nearly $2 each, and it's not going to last very long either.

A good barrel is what I'd start with, pick the cartridge and find a smith with the reamers that don't want to retire on your rifle. Select the action (I like the 700 or the 70) and stock and set back and wait for a bit. I bet you could get close to 3000 fps with the 300gr SMK and a 338/300 Ultra appropriately throated in a 32" bbl.

Up here, law says you can't use a 30 cal for Buffalo, although I know someone who killed one recently with a 300 Ultra and 180gr Scirocco through the shoulder and then exited, at 150 yards.
I know about 5 guys who killed Buff in the last couple weeks, most used the 40's and bigger though.

My personal choice at this point would be a 338 Lapua Imp for out to 2000 yards. Someday...
Might I suggest the 338 RUM for your custom/semi custom rifle. It's one HELLUVA big game cartridge! You can purchase factory ammo at your favorite Wally World, reloads are easy and comes from Remington in their very accurate Sendero models.
For your 'smith, I've had Montana Rifleman do several rebarrels jobs for me. One in 6.5-06 Ack, and I have a 30-06 Ack. chambered for the 190 SMK's. Montana Rifleman have very competitive prices and reasonable turn around time (2-4 weeks), give 'em a call and ask for Scot, nice guy.
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