SOLD/EXPIRED Custom M70 Win 6.5-06


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May 1, 2011
Gillette, Wy
For Sale:
Custom M70 Win 6.5-06. Built by Longrifles Inc. Rd count of 600. HS M24 stock, PT&G DBM, 2-7rd mags, Timney trigger, Ken Farrell 20moa base, 26" Rock heavy varmint spiral fluted barrel, LR brake, threaded 5/8-24 for can also. Bolt was re-jeweled also, sharp rifle.

Rifles a shooter, it's just spent most of it's life in load dev, bullets shortages on my part, powder changes, etc... The barrel is extremely fast, can push 130's to 3250, and 140 Hybrids upward of 3150 with RL powders. I settled on a load with IMR 7977 and hybrid at 3050.
Comes with 598 pcs Norma brass, 3 x fired.

Included is a set of Redding type S match dies. 1800.00 to your FFL
Plus I have 200 pcs new Norma 25-06 brass to be necked up, not included.

Scope, rings and bipod not included unless we make a deal on them.

I had listed this rifle last week and had duplicated the price of another rifle I had sold, couldn't edit my post so I closed it. If there's any hesitation on Win, this action was trued up in a CNC mill, in true C. Dixon form, even the bottom is square, this will not wobble sitting on a granite countertop. I feel there's more than half the barrel life left in it, and really am just asking for price of parts leaving a lot of wiggle room for a re-barrel job.


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