SOLD/EXPIRED Custom Longrange Guns F/S


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Jun 1, 2010
Houston al
1. Sako 75 SS 7 mag. Dipped in Mossy Oak. Factory Muzzle brake new trigger. This is a tack driver. 1200.00
2. Custom Remington 700 SS in 7 STW. This one was made by Ferrell Gun Works. It will come with the origianal 338/ 340 Weatherby Barrel. 1500.00 losing money on this one.
3. Remington 700 Mtn Rifle in 280 SS w/DM it has the grey laminate and synthetic stock. Embellished 895.00
4. Remingtion 700 SS 7 Ultra Mag. with Gray Laminated stock. Trigger job on this one also. Dropped one with it last year from 350 + yds. 850.00
5.Remington 700 (old style) in 270. This is the kind which locked the bolt with safety on. 98% 725.00

I am looking to trade or sale. I do have pics, let me know. see if this works thanks for looking
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Sorry guys, the 260 is gone. I also have a 280 SS Remington DM with the pretty embossed sides. I have only shot it 2 times for the scope. NIce gun. 825.00 with both stocks.