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Jay Kyle

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Jan 6, 2002
Okotoks, Alberta
Help with Long range build!!

Well I figure it's time to bite the bullet and build a custom gun and there's no better place to ask than here on good ol'
(disrespect meant to those other short range boards)

I'd like the gun to be carryable - having packed a chainsaw around the woods for some time when I was young, I appreciate a lighter rig - but not so light as to compromise performance (on a cross-canyon shot). Considering I hunt almost exclusively Elk, and do it in Grizzly country (Foothills/Mountain WMU's here in Alberta), and that I also like to punch targets way out there, I decided to go with the following:

Custom Rifle

Caliber: 338 Lapua Magnum
Action: Mauser Type (CZ602), Stainless ?
Barrel: 30" Lilja, 1-10, Contour ?, Stainless
Muzzle Dia: .950"
Brake: OPS - Stainless
Stock: McMillan Baker Special
Stock Color: Woodland Camo
Stock Acc: Adustable Cheek plate, 3-way heel, decelerator pad,
rear leveling stud ?
Bipod: Harris/Built-in VersaPod ?
Sling: ?

I was hoping I could get a stainless action at not too bad of a cost, I called CZ-USA and they alluded to something stainless coming out next summer, but I'd like to know what else is good to use.

Southern Alberta has lots of chinooks (where it's COLD and snowing in the morning, then warm and melting in the afternoon), so I'd like to go with stainless where possible.

I'd appreciate any input on the above, any traps to avoid, tricks to know about, anything you'd do different, etc.

This project really excites me, but the toughest question of all!! how to get it past purchasing central.


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Give the Prairie Gun Works Timberwolf a look. Nearly exactly what you are looking for - the only difference is the barrel length. Give Ross a call at PGW. He is very knowledgeable and a straight shooter on multiple levels. (some pun intended) Mine is on the way.
G A Precision has built a number of 338LMs on CZ actions. You couldn't go wrong with either PGW or G A Precision.
You could go with a Remington, but I realize that decision has as much to do with "what's a good action" as it does to do with push-feed vs. controlled-feed. Sounds like a nice combination either way.

Mark in Utah
Just finished looking at Bat, Neske, PGW. The Timberwolf at PGW is the cat's meow!, but with a price to match. Not sure I can afford something like that.

AB, Call G A Precision or post a question for Chris Matthews on this site. Their prices are more affordable then PGW, they can build what you are looking for. I currently have four of their rifles and they are all shooters, I would stake my life on any of them. Mike
Can definitely do something on the CZ 550. If you want stainless we'd go Remmy.
The CZ is the cheapest way to go. By the way my wife is second in command at CZ.
Chris have you all had any problems with the c-clip coming off on the CZ550's? There have been some serious concerns with this happening. E-mails have been sent to Alice at CZ, the gunsmiths there said that there was no problem
. If you want to read all about this check over at Accurate Reloading under gunsmithing and big bores.
CZ will have a SS action for WSM's (a whole new action), but not any of the 550's.
As far as the clip thing, it looked like it was a one time occurance, however it is a poor design. CZ has switched back and forth a couple of times and my 338 Lapua doesn't have it. Built around ten Lapua's on it and haven't had any problem's yet. Looked like to me it was a couple of weenies with too much on their hands and had nothing better to do than complain about it. Can't please evrybody all of the time...

As far as your weather concerns... don't sweat it... even if I build it on a CZ, it will be teflon coated so rust isn't too much of a concern...
Later... it's my bed time.
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