Custom LA Remington 700 6.5x284, McMillan,PTG

BS Shooter

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Dec 4, 2015
I have dies, brass, and bullets that can go with the rifle. If you are local I can include primers and powder as well. All would be at powder valley prices. Not willing to sell any components until rifle sells.

For Sale: Custom 6.5x284 built with the following

Blueprinted Long Action Stainless Steel Remington 700 Action

One Piece Jeweled PTG bolt

Tubbs Speedlock Firing Pin

Timeny Trigger

McMillan Game Scout Stock

McGowen 25" #4 contour 1-8 Twist barrel throated for 143g ELD-X

Barrel and action are cerakoted gun metal grey.

I had this rifle built with all new components. I worked up a load that shoots just under half a minute using Lapua brass, 143g ELD-X's, and retumbo. I stopped there, verified the load a few different days, and then it has been sitting in the safe since. It has right at 100 rounds through it that were all shot at the range. It has never been hunting.

The scope/mounts are negotiable to the buyer.

$2200 shipped in plastic case w/insurance to the FFL of your choice if in the lower 48. Please PM me if you are in HI or AK.

Component list:
Peterson or Lapua brass

Hornady FL sizing die and forested micrometer seating die

156 EOL
140 Hunting VLD
140 Elite Hunter
140 Hybrid Target
140 RDF
153 ATIP
147 ELDM
143 ELDX
135 ATIP
130 ELDM
123 Custom Comps
Again no components for sale unless purchasing rifle.


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BS Shooter

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Dec 4, 2015
As it sits with the scope: 10lbs 3.5oz. Minus scope and rings: right around 8lbs 4oz using the advertised weight for the scope and rings.


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