SOLD/EXPIRED Custom East Coast Custom Tactical AR15. GPI billet U/L. Lilja Barrel Geissele


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Oct 24, 2010
I have a custom East Coast Custom Tactical AR15 up for sale. its a .5 or better shooter with quality ammo. The rifle is cerekoted FDE with Patriot brown accents. all of the controls are patriot brown, along with the barrle/brake and the entire top rail. it looks awesome!! this rifle shoots incredibly soft and flat.


GPI billet upper and lower - ambi bolt release

Lilja 20" SS barrel. 1-8 twist. rifle length gas system.

Seekins Stainless muzzle brake

ECCT milspec BCG cerekoted with microslick

Geissele SSA-E trigger

Magpul PRS stock

YHM Todd Jarrett 15" free float handguard

troy ambi magizine release

ergo grip

I can switch out the std safety for a noveske 60 deg ambi, but it will be black, not patriot brown.

barrel has less than 300 rounds down it (i don't shoot it much, which is why I am selling)

From Lilja:


These barrels are a true match-grade barrel, we only have one grade for all of our barrels, our best. All of these barrels are made from 1″ diameter 416 alloy rifle-barrel-quality stainless steel. Every barrel is drilled, reamed and rifled in our shop followed by a stress relieving heat treatment operation. They are then hand- lapped for a superior internal finish and diameter uniformity.

AR740: .975″ diameter in front of the barrel extension with the Wasp section turned to a diameter of .750″ and then tapering back up to .975″ diameter at the gas block. The gas block section is turned to .750″ and from the gas block to the muzzle the diameter is .740″. The barrel length is 20″ including the barrel extension and is set for a rifle-length gas system. The muzzle end is threaded .500″ x 28 TPI (threading is not shown in this image). Weight is 2.60 pounds. Engraved: Lilja AR .223 8T.


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