CUSTOM BROWNING 78 (300 Sherman)


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Dec 4, 2008
hauser, id.
I don't think I ever posted this rifle so wanted to show you guys what a B-78 can produce. The barrel is a custom taper 28" Bartlein/5r 10 twist. As you may know, the B-78 has a small shank barrel (approx. 1.100) but has room for a lot more. I had Bartlein turn it with a 1.250" shank which starts out heavy Palma and tapers to light Palma which crowns at .750". This is chambered in 300 Sherman which is the same case as my 6.5. Case capacity is very close to the WSM. I shoot my 190's at 3050'. It will make 3100' but accuracy and case life go down. The rifle with a 28" barrel is 3" shorter than my 700 Remmy with a 26". The 6.5 remmy has a #4 fluted and yet the total weight is identical. It is pretty nice to pack around and yet shoots well at 1000+ yards. It is about a .3 rifle. I drilled out the tang bolt hole and installed an aluminum pillar and glassed it in. The scope is a 6.5x20 Zeiss. DSCF0027.jpg
I may sell this baby to help pay for my 30/375 S.I. It comes with a set of Hornady custom dies.......Rich DSCF0028.jpg
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