Custom 7mm saum


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May 20, 2007
I have a custom 7 saum I would like to sell or trade for bigger caliber of equal build quality or sale package for 4k. Gun is a tack driver that is light enough to pack in mtns. Was shooting 4" groups at 750 yards yesterday. Beautiful gun. 3-18×50 leupold vx6 w/tmoa reticle with custom turret with zero stop. 25" proof barrel with brake. I will include build sheet in pics. Also have redding 3 die set and 150 new norma brass and 50 once fired. Total of 58 rounds through gun.15360113330128061298064945767242.jpg 15360113689806751985834355943200.jpg 15360113908144400657018367893017.jpg 15360114254783981782066641235486.jpg 15360114432632224732231665840776.jpg 15360114846398983326298049631004.jpg

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