SOLD/EXPIRED Custom 338 Edge


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Nov 10, 2010
Custom 338 Edge

Please contact me by email...... [email protected]

1.Barrel Hart; B1000 30"
2.Twist 1:10
3.Rounds down the lands 321
4.Manners model T5A

$3000 Or Best offer on Rifle.....Also will offer terms/payments

Accessories recoil lugs (2 installed); QD sling buttons; moosehide cheek rest cover and pad, adjustable and removable; Adjustable cheekrest is modified to allow bolt removal without removing or moving cheekrest. Optional scope is Premier Heritage 5-25x56 Gen II MilDot/Mill/Mill with rear hinge cap and front ball filler that fits in the included sunshade. Rings are Near Stainless Steel Alphamount (triple ring) Pelican 1770 case, Prone-to-Success soft case; Redding Competition S (bushing) dies; approx. 50 RP, Nosler, and 97 Bertram brass; load receipes; shell holder size photos with yardage 100yds;dime; attached
6.Smith.. Hart Barrels, Lafayette, NY
7.Weight.. 21#
8.Trigger and pull.. Jewel; 1.5#
9.Length of pull.. std; 13.5
10.Type of Paint on the rifle.. Rustoleum textured
11.Pillar bedded
12.Bedding compound.. Devcon
13.Velocity..... Low of 2780 with H1000; 2864 with Retumbo; 2905 with US869; 3015 with RL33. These are within the recorded (from three chronos) measurements, included.
14.Brass included
15.Bottom metal.. Wyatt M8E
16.Muzzle brake... Muscle Magnum 4-Port (Jim See)
17.Action... Winchester M70, Stainless Classic, 1995
18.Bipod NOT INCLUDED, but Badger Picatinny button rail is
19.Terry Cross cheek rest... Adjustable cheekrest from Manners then modified as above
20.Base... (Near); 20 degrees (another 20 degrees in Near Alphamount [triple] rings if scope included...)
21.$6500 for everthing including scope, OBO,
$3000 for Rifle excluding scope, rings and bipod. Or Best Offer. Will offer trems/payments. All less shipping.

***Please contact me if you have any questions at ([email protected])

***Shipping to FFL only***





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