Custom 300 win mag


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Apr 29, 2015
I thought I would throw this up since hunting season is close. Its basically a duplicate of a couple of customs I already have. If I don't sell it I will gladly keep it as it's a very exceptional rifle. It's a 300 win mag built by Scott Harrold of Quarter Minute Magnums. His guns are stupid accurate with an excellent fit and finish. I acquired this gun in a trade from a fellow forum member. Build specs are as follows.

1. BAT HR Repeater action
2. Jewell Trigger set to 1 pound
3. Krieger 1-11.25 #19 hunter, fluted, 5R, SS, finished at 28 in. Throated for Berger 210 vld.
4. Mcmillian A-3 adjustable
5. Bdl style bottom metal metal I believe it's PTG.

This gun is amazingly accurate. I have only put 20 rounds or so through it and total round count is under 80. One ragged hole groups at 100, all 3 bullets touching at 200 yards, 1 FDF2BF8A-166E-40C6-B4E1-FE382388A8B9.jpeg 994F5F80-0340-46A3-A1AE-CD4E93FD5692.jpeg 51657E7A-809D-4CA6-AD48-5CC416ACE230.jpeg 0E1FCF93-2537-4815-BD9B-DA8ACB76F972.jpeg 132729FF-B8FC-4BC2-9CE5-BB97C9E2DB2A.jpeg 4413D61B-487B-49AB-83A3-36AF8067DF3D.jpeg 059150F5-77DF-4695-9A09-BDA5B1537849.jpeg CD35B82E-3AA5-454A-9EB7-322B67C91F23.jpeg inch groups at 500 and just over 2 inch groups at 915 yards. That's as far as I shot it. Gun is in excellent shape. Comes with loaded Ammo, custom bore guide and custom load info. This gun would be over $4500 for Scott to build it today. Gun weighs at least 10 ponds I haven't weighed it as it doesn't matter to me. $3250 shipped, insurance is on the buyer if desired. Not really interested in any trades but you never know . Call or text 503-77nine-7897 for more info or pictures . Thanks for looking.
Will consider full or partial trade for full custom rifles. Will also consider partial trades for Schmidt Bender Pm2 scopes in mils. Premier tactical scopes in mils or Swarovski spotting scopes. Thanks for looking
I have way to many of his rifles. From 6mm caliber upto 338 Lapua. Never have owned one that wouldn't shoot a minimum of 1/4 Moa. His rifles are second to none. No one else even comes close to his guarantee of 1/4 Moa. Thanks for the bump.