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  1. pressman

    pressman Well-Known Member

    Mar 14, 2008
    going to buy a cross bow for next year. for deer hunting which one should i get. i have decided it is going to be either a tac 15 or an Excalibur?
  2. Len Backus

    Len Backus Administrator Staff Member

    May 2, 2001
    What is important to you in the selection process?
  3. pressman

    pressman Well-Known Member

    Mar 14, 2008
    reliability is very important to me. not only that it is going to shoot the same but also that it is going to hold up.
    They are going to open a crossbow season in my state for 2012 whitetail season that runs from oct1 to the first week in January.
    I have never owned a crossbow and only shot a few over the years and that was just a shot or two. So i have no crossbow experience. That is why i really can't get into to many details on what i want because i do not know the details. just accurate and reliable. So i need some input here. I know most of the time i get it straight scoop that is why I posted.
  4. J E Custom

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    Jul 29, 2004
    Both are very good choices and both have there advantages and disadvantages.

    The Excalibur is simple and fast using re curve limbs. it is also wide. (A consideration
    if hunting from a box blind or pop up tent blind.

    The Tac 15 or Tac 15 I is much narrower but it is longer. It is also much faster and the
    main advantage I see about the Tac 15 is the arrows. They are over 26" long and are not
    considered "Bolts" giving them much more Momentum (Improving the penetrating ability
    of the arrow on big game).

    I can see no downside to the Tac 15 except maybe price. I went through this exact same
    scenario and narrowed it down to the exact same two crossbows as you.

    I already had an AR 15 so with all of the apparent advantages I chose the Tac 15 and
    have never looked back.

    A friend of mine has a Excalibur and has been impressed with the increase in velocity
    (With longer and heaver arrows) and the extreme accuracy at distance beyond the
    capabilities of other crossbows.

    I have only shot mine to 80 yards, but some are shooting beyond 100 yards with great
    accuracy and with the heaver/longer arrows it is truly a "Long range crossbow".

    Just my opinion.