Crispi Boots Question

I dont know if you got my message, but the answer I believe are Crispi Neveda non insulated. Socks are just as important. Go to Ocean Beach Socks. I wear the sausqwash and Mooses. seems to work out handy dandy with my 2.0 black thermos.
I love my Crispis but 1 word of caution even with Crispis....they are great but any boot with threaded seams could possibly have problems if in a lot of snow and wet. All leather is great but unfortunately it's a little heavier weight and doesn't breath as well. If you use them in dry areas it may not matter but if in wet snow I would use caution with boots with seams!
Others' experiences may be different but my Crispi Legend Hunter GTX boots are all leather and waterproof. I have literally stood in the river (multiple times) launching and recovering our hunting boat and never the slightest hint of moisture. I was the only guy, out of three, with waterproof boots on my last trip so I was voted to be the dude to jump off the rig on landing or the guy pushing the boat off the shore and jumping in. The shores were shallow so there was no way to not get feet in the water.

I was nervous the first time but after having a motor starting problem and me standing in the water for about 5 minutes and with ZERO leakage, I have zero concerns moving forward when it comes to these boots. You should treat them with the waterproofing cream (crispi water proofing cream). Not sure what is in that tin, but it works and not just on Crispi boots!
If you want performance in the snow get kennetreck, best grip and comfort IMO. If you want lightweight elk hunting boots get the crispi Colorado, thor, or laponia boots.