crescent Customs 300WM low round count, absolute hammer!

dubs chops

Oct 25, 2013
Build Spec:

Rem 700 receiver
PTG 1 piece bolt m16 extractor- fluted- mini badger bolt knob
#3 bartlein 25" barrel- vais brake
McMillan HTG stock- Coyote
20 MOA pic rail
All metal cerakoted an OD green
Adjustable cheek riser (Muticam)
seekins 34 mm rings

7.66# without bolt

from the original ad,

It is a really good shooter and put together really well. I have shot several sub .5moa groups with it. Including 3-3 shot groups at 400 that measured less than 2" outside to outside.
I had this rifle built to be a 1 for everything rifle. My life has taken a turn that will land me in the NWT sheep hunting soon. And the rifle is just too heavy. It is very fun to shoot as the recoil is mild and the noise tolerable. I can email or text pics. I am not looking for trades as I have already spoke for a new rifle and need to generate funds. Moon is a good guy and a great 'smith.

Asking $2200 shipped
located near Tulsa OK 20190126_182844.jpg 20190126_182859.jpg 20190126_182904.jpg 20190126_182915.jpg 20190126_182924.jpg

P.S. It will not come with the QD break it will come with the VIas Break. It will aso include the
it does have one cosmetic blemish on the barrel which I will show in a picture. Very Minor.

trade for a good thermal as well