SOLD/EXPIRED Crappy situation, have to sell off some personal guns..

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  1. Fiftydriver

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    Jun 12, 2004
    To all,

    Several months ago I was directed to a new company called GPal which was a new online service so that gun related sales could be conducted using credit card payment just as Paypal is used for most everything else. Paypal however does not have the best reputation for firearm related sales so this was the reason for GPal starting up.

    Anyway, when I started offering this payment option to customers, they jumped all over it. Within a month I had well over 30 payments for products through GPal with merchandise shipped as I was told if you have the money on your Gpal account, its as good as in your bank account.


    After the first month of use I noticed that no wire transfers were making it to my bank account from GPal. I called them and they told me they were just 20 days behind on paperwork and the payments would be made anytime. Another month passed and still no deposits were made. Long story short, They are into me for ALOT of cash and I have been fighting for the past several months to get this straightened out.

    Unfortunately, other bills do not wait and this has really set my business behind so I have been forced to make some hard decisions and I am now putting up several of my personal firearms for sale to help cover some of the pending funds being held by GPal.

    Might as well start off with the big one:

    Raptor LRSS
    APS Raptor receiver
    Raptor triple pinned stainless steel rail base
    338 Allen Xpress
    30" SS barrel with Raptor contour and flute pattern
    Slim Painkiller MB
    McMillan A-5 stock
    Adjust Cheek Piece
    Adjust LOP(spacer system)
    Jewell trigger set at 1 lb
    Seekins DM system
    Four Vortex steel tactical 35mm rings
    Vortex Razor 5-20x 50mm w/ EBR-2 reticle
    Vortex 35mm scope spirit level installed
    338 AX loading die set
    Cabelas 62" bullet proof aluminum hard case

    Total retail price........................................$7300

    Asking price..............................................$6500

    I am not seriously wanting to sell the optical package with this rifle but if someone wants the total package read to shoot, I will sell it all together. If someone wants the rifle but not the optics or rings, total will be $4800 for rifle case and dies.

    This rifle was assembled late summer of 2010 and has roughly 75 rounds through the barrel. Load has been fully developed using the 300 gr Berger VLD loaded over 96.0 gr Retumbo and produces 2900 fps. This is a relatively mild load as I did not want to push the Berger bullets to hard. Shoots extremely well and I have drops figured and on the rifle out to 1350 yards.



    This is a hell of a rifle, extremely easy to shoot and very accurate at very long ranges. I have parts to rebuild another rifle exactly like this other then in a single shot platform as I really prefer the single shots and used this rifle in that way but unfortunately, recent events have required me to decide to move this rifle.

    Next up:

    Custom APS XP-100
    6.5mm WSM match chamber
    15" Lilja Stainless steel 1-8 twist barrel
    APS Painkiller medium muzzle brake
    Fully accurized Rem XP-100 receiver
    Sako extractor
    Holland comp recoil lug
    Original Boyds thumbhole laminates stock which I converted and refinished to conventional center grip design.
    Reinforced stock grip
    Internal aluminum bedded V-Block bedding
    EGW steel tactical rail base
    4 TPS steel tactical rings
    Zeiss Conquest 4.5-14x 50mm with 1000yard Rapid Z reticle

    Retail value.................................$3640

    Asking price................................$2100

    This handgun has around 175 rounds down the barrel. Throat is still in very fine condition. Developed a load with the 140 gr A-Max this spring which produced right at 2900 fps with a comfortable load. Recoil is less then a 38 special, extremely mild, in fact my factory 221 fireball XP-100 has MUCH more muzzle jump and recoil then this 6.5mm WSM XP has. I have taken several mule deer with this handgun out to 450 yards. Works extremely well.



    This is a very nice handgun and it does pain me to sell it. Very flat shooting, very hard hitting and very accurate. If you want to get into serious big game hunting with a handgun or just want a legit 1000 yard class handgun, this one would be hard to beat. Again, sad to let this one go but no choice.

    Next up:

    Xtreme Sporter
    Trued Win M70 push feed receiver
    Boyds classic sporter stock, grey/black laminate
    Lilja #3 contour Stainless steel 1-9 twist barrel
    APS small PK muzzle brake
    Trigger set at 1.5 lbs
    Millet Camlock rings
    Weaver Grand slam steel two piece bases
    Leupold 4.5-14x 40mm LR 30mm tube with Varmint Hunter reticle
    Leupold Lumina screw on scope covers

    Retail price.................................$3100

    Asking price...............................$2100



    This is another rifle that pains me to get rid of. I built this rifle for my little girl to use when she got old enough to do some serious shooting. That is the reason for the lighter barrel and muzzle brake and 6mm-06 chambering. Rifle has no recoil at all yet with the 107 gr SMK loaded to 3400 fps it does amazingly well out to 1000 yards. Loaded with the 95 gr Ballistic tip at 3500 fps its amazing on lighter big game which is why I put it together. Pretty light weight, Extremely low recoil and lot of fun to shoot. This little rifle will keep up with any 300 RUM or 30-378 Wby out to 1000 yards as far as ballistic performance is concerned.

    I am not selling dies with this rifle because I do not have any. I use a 25-06 FL sizing die to size the body and bump shoulder and then use a 243 Win FL die properly adjusted to the right height to size the neck and a standard 243 Seating die works perfectly well for seating bullets. No need for expensive custom 6mm-06 loading die set.

    Last one:

    I took this rifle in on payment for a customers rifle this past summer:

    DPMS Panther LR-308
    308 Win
    Heavy 24" SS barrel
    Two 20 round factory magazines
    Two 20 round Magpul magazines
    Custom Ergo grip
    Trigger job
    Burris Tactical 30mm rings
    Burris Black Diamond 6-24x 50mm with ballistic Mil-Dot reticle
    Factory hard case
    Factory tools and paperwork

    Retail price..................................$2000

    Asking price.................................$1600

    I have pics of this rifle but can only post 6 pics per post so if your interested let me know and I will get you some pics. Rifle is basically new with barrel break in done.

    I have not shot this rifle all that much. I have finished the barrel break in on it and will say it shows a strong preference for the 155 gr Sierra MK Palma bullet. Roughly 60 rounds down the barrel is all. Basically asking what I have in for trade on this rifle is all. Again, do not really want to get rid of this one either as I have wanted one of these AR-10s for quite some time but have to do it.

    First come first serve on all of these. No holds, no modifications, sold as is. Firearms made by me will be backed by me as always.
  2. ridge rider

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    May 26, 2009
    Hi Kirby,

    Sorry to hear you are faced with some very hard decisions and I do remember this when we discussed methods of payment for one of your muzzle brakes.
    I hope everything works out well for you with the sale of these very fine rifles as you do build some excellent stuff.
    As you know I recently purchased a 5 port Pain Killer muzzle brake from you for my 338SnipeTac and I am in absolutely awe as to your superb machinery skills that are evident in this excellent product.
    Please don't go down the gurgler as we need highly skilled people such as yourself in this industry.

    All the best
  3. car2go4

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    Mar 6, 2010
    sir, i'll take the xp-100 and the W70 6-06 for your asking price. thx bob
  4. Fiftydriver

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    Jun 12, 2004

    Shoot me an e-mail at [email protected] and we can finalize the purchase.

  5. cinch

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    Jun 4, 2006
    Really hurts to hear this, my friend! This kind of stuff shouldn't happen to good people like yourself. Especially right at the holiday season. I wish you luck. Hang in there.
  6. Senderofan

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    Dec 4, 2008
    Hope this is a very temporary situation, Kirby. May 2011 be a much better year for you...and this will become a distant memory.

  7. Fiftydriver

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    Jun 12, 2004
    This situation with GPal has set me back pretty hard but I have been fortunate enough to have great customers, many of you here on LRH and because of that I have been able to build up an emergency cushion for situations just like this.

    As such, Allen Precision is not in any financial problems at all, I just do not want to hit that emergency fund and drain it down to a low level. Its much easier to sell off a few rifles, cover the damage and then down the road when I get caught up I can replace what I have sold if I decide to. Thats the good thing about being able to build your own firearms!!!

    Still, just a tight spot right now and in my opinion, its better to sell off some rifles then take the chance of getting to low in the finances, never know what can happen down the road.
  8. SBruce

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    Oct 31, 2009
    I am interested in the "Big One" Kirby.

    PM being sent.
  9. jeff 300

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    Mar 27, 2005
    Man this really sucks!!!!!!!! I hate to see this. But i have been there done that and still have people that o me money. Hope every thing works out both way they need to get there's as well. Good luck man!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Hired Gun

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    Apr 21, 2003
    HI Kirby,
    GPal was into me a couple months ago. I too was sucked in and had already delivered firearms all over the country without receiving a cent from GPal. It wasn't long before they were screening my calls, ignoring my emails. Trouble tickets meant nothing. This is not a mere glitch. Ben Cannon and his associates are in real trouble. I hit the panic button after about 6 weeks of there stalling and actually talking to Ben and he told me I would never see my money. The next day I took it to the max. Started with my local police. They were just about to present the case to the grand jury. I was informed they would never extradite him from CA to OR for this but if he ever ventured into Oregon and got stopped they would prosecute him. I also spoke directly to the police in his county. I forget who and exactly which one and at first they had no interest in the case but as the complaints came in they eventually sent me an inquirey as to how much he owed me and a copy of all agencies and their results so far. While I was hitting the panic button I filed a BBB complaint, an IC3 internet crimes report and a complaint to the Oregon attorney generals office. When I did the BBB complaint I was only about the 3rd complaint and the other two before me were closed as resolved. The day after the BBB notified them I received an Email saying my funds would be in my bank in 2 days. It was all there minus their fees in one day. I then called off the dogs. To get the latest scoop on this situation direct your browser over to forums Auction Arms - Forums
    and check out the scammers and help sections.

    It looks like this guy is now in charge of investigating GPal.

    Carl Chapman, Supervising Inspector

    Marin County District Attorney's Office

    Northern California Computer Crimes Task Force

    455 Devlin Rd. Suite 207

    Napa, CA 94558

    (707) 265-2372

    Good luck with this one.
  11. Fiftydriver

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    Jun 12, 2004
    Hired Gun,

    I have been down the same road you took, pretty much except that I skipped the local law as they could do nothing for me anyway.

    Seems now the list if victims has grown enough I fear I may never see my money but action has been taken so we will see, Right now just in recovery mode which means sell off some items to cover the loss and hopefully down the road they will come through with something....

    Thanks for your reply. I know there are alot of guys in the firearm industry that got hurt by this. Make you wonder if it was not actually started by some anti-gun group just to stick it to firearm businesses.....
  12. Fiftydriver

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    Jun 12, 2004
    Raptor LRSS, XP-100 and M70 are sold pending funds. I will repost if sales fall through.

    Thanks guys, AR-10 is still for sale.
  13. SBruce

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    Oct 31, 2009

    Your Raptor 338 AX will probably be the least often used rifle in my collection. Not that I won't shoot it, but it will certainly be well taken care of and not used a whole lot..........I do most of my shootn with small bores. And hopefully I'll soon be able to use the 300WSM you're working on for most of my big game hunting.

    Only reason I mention this, is in case you would like to buy it back when things turn around for you. I wish I could have bought back some of the rifles that I had to sell back when I was in dire straits! Offer will always be good.

    Regards, Happy Holidays.
  14. zupatun

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    Jan 6, 2005
    This kind of thing happens in the Motorcycle world as well...A lot of us "rent" a motorcycle for several years or "sell" motorcycles only to see them again later in life. Hopefully this situation will resolve itself in the positive (either someone gets caught and put in Jail, or you get your money back) direction--sad thing is you can never get the Time and Worry you wasted on someone else's negligence, stuidity or bad deeds.

    All the best Kirby.

    Matt Roth