Coyotes and Deer Populations

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    Jun 12, 2001
    Here is an interesting article about human hunting pressure and coyote hunting fawns pressure and what it can do to a deer herd. - Coyotes Plus Doe Harvest Could Lead to Predator Pit - Alabama Outdoor News

    In late September I was west of Casper Wyoming about 25 miles and watched a coyote test out a group of does and see if it could get the fawn. This was a large fawn but still the coyote spent about five minutes circling the does testing the situation out. The does and fawn were very afraid of he coyote.
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    Feb 3, 2011
    In good times I've sat and watched packs of coyotes work does trying to get to their fawns.

    In hard times like we have now anything is possible.

    Wednesday evening I was just sitting watching deer in a wheat field when the two little bucks I was watching suddenly got obviously scared and skiddish. I kept watching the way they kept looking and spotted a coyote slinking up to them obviously intent on trying to make a kill.

    I watched him work up to within probably fifteen yards of them and he gathered himself up ready for the final spring and just as he raised his head and shoulders to do so I smoked him through both shoulders.

    The funny part was he leaped forward on impact and splatted dead right there between the two little bucks who then both jumped, whirled and kicked dirt clods up running in opposite directions.

    The severity of the ongoing drought in our are has all the predators really stressed and taking risks they normally would not in hopes of getting a meal.
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    Oct 31, 2009
    It's not just the deer fawn, but antelope fawns too. Especially in the summer months. When I was doing damage control and den hunting coyotes, I always cut open the females to see how many pups they had that spring......majority of them were belly full of antelope. I never bothered cutting open the males, but I have no reason to doubt they were eating the same thing.

    A couple years ago when in a coyote hunting contest, we came across a fresh killed/recently dead fawn deer. When we came back the next day, it was scattered for 50 yds in all directions and only hair and bones were left......that was in january and near as we could tell, there were only 3 coyotes in the immediate area.

    OH, just wait till the damn wolves get spread out all over the country. We'll have adult deer mortality too. And livestock will be the worst. Pretty easy for a few wolves to get a horse or cow cornered in a fence and drug down. One of these days when I'm out calling coyotes I'll end up seeing a wolf......Main reason my new predator rifles are 6mm instead of 22 cal.
    Little red riding hood is gonna get her revenge!!!