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Jan 22, 2008
I have only ever hunted coyotes once but didnt land up shooting any (called them in but do to houses in the area couldnt shoot). Anyway, over Christmas I was hoping to try my new2me .243win out on a big chunk of family land in the Monashees. I was hoping for a couple of good peices of advice from some vetran yote hunters. Im using a "hot dog" call I believe (the one from Randy Andersons videos). Thanks and I look forward to hearing some "as always" good advice.:D
I have been using electronic calls with no avail. Then I bought a Double Howler and a Sonic Dome from Primos, Randy Anderson endorsed. I was practicing ne near my house, where there are swamp thickets, and had some responses to a challenge howl. Our season starts in January and runs until March here in NJ.
All I can say is try to pay attention to the wind. If you had called them in before, I don't see a problem of you doing it again on this new piece of property that you are on.
The problem that I have is that I don't see them when I should. They are always crossing the road at night.
Additionally, I have learned alot from Randy Anderson's videos. See if you can pick up "Calling All Coyotes". There are several volumes that I own, and I have learned alot from them.
I hope that I have helped. Shoot straight, hit 'em hard, and send some pics!
The 243 can be a bit hard on fur but puts them down to stay. Make sure you always cover the down wind approach cause thats the direction they will come in from 98% of the time. Most yote hunting success will depend as much maybe more on your setup.Watch the wind and stay still or move very slowly.

As for elec. calls I just got the new one from foxpro called the spitfire 199.00 and they will load 24 sounds of your choice,it is replacing the Johnny stewart preymaster 3. checkout . As for mouth calls a simple closed reed rabbit like a weems knockoff type or a catnip is good to start.
Good luck and have fun.
If you have snow just get out and follow coyote tracks, learn how they travel and how they use travel corridors and hunting areas. Then you don't have to worry all the time about where the coyote is coming from you already know what he's going to do if he's in ear shot. I've trapped coyotes for years and it is the best training for calling there is because if you don't know where a coyote is going to travel and put his feet you will never catch one.
Get ready for a serious addiction, the shakes are normal along with the giggling :D
new at this to here is my delimah I am in MN so I think most of my hunting will be vary close to a swamp or thick cover. Shot gun what shot #4 or 6 and how long do you stay in 1 spot and how manny spots do you have for a night out? I talked to the DNR baiting and 24 7 is legal in this state. I got 1 idea trap rabbits in my yard tie them up for a decoy and when I leave slit them bring a new 1 every time. This 1 I have to call them back!
I was also wondering if there is something I can do to increase my odds of getting a cat to come in (just thought it would be cool). There are tons of bob cats in my area, see one everycouple times deer hunting on the same land.

If anyone is near Vernon B.C on monday that has some experience I would love someone to show me the ropes. Merry Christmas and God bless!!
Make or buy a decoy. Place a can of sardines near the decoy. The decoy will catch their attention and the sardines will give them a scent. This will give you alittle more time. I carry the sardines or whatever else I might use in a tupperware container. It's not fool proof but it does help some
The sardines is that for cats or coyotes. Here is 1 I got making a decoy using a old batt charger box good and light took my spining wing duck decoy apart. Cant use them any more not leagle. NOW do I want it to spin up in the air in a circle or or have it out the side with a spring or shoe lace tie a pelt on it. It would look like a rabbit jumping and flipping what you all think?
I have used sardines and other fish for coyotes. I have a decoy heart decoy now but I have used turkey decoys and a coyote pelt with wire to hold up the tail. If you make one on a spring use lighter than 10# test mono fishing line to make it move. The sardines will give them a conformation when not if they get down wind. I've tried fox urine as well as deer dander on the decoy with the sardines I can leave the decoy/gear in my truck. Otherwise I have to put the decoy cover in a ziplock and freeze it or my wife will toss it out.
I got this one spot picked out. on a hill looking in to a swamp (not your duck swamp but deer the stuff you have to crawl though) the hill has been clear cut a few years back. Do you think if I were to set up a decoy up were you can see it from there it would work? what decoy fox coyote or rabbit? to day it is going to be just calling?
I'd use a prey type decoy
Your set-up for 1 calling session is great provided you pay strict attention to you entrance/exit and wind. They learn fast faster if you miss them.
I'd wait for a good cold snap that is usually best for calling. Make sure you have very good warm gear on.
Are you positive coyotes are there or do they just pass through that area. I'd check for sign/reports if your not sure.
You can kill'em if your not out there
I havent got out yet. I went to check the zero on my rifle and I think the scope is toast (bushnell Dusk till dawn 90$). Im gonna switch it out to a leupold and try to get at er' soon.
Well I got out couldnt get to the spot I wanted. the wind wasnt right. Did some scouting found some tracks about 10 sets. I think thay were fox small and on top of the knee deep snow remember I live in MN. On the way out I tryed my hand at howlen on my new call (primos hot dog) think it is to loud and I need a lot of practice.
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