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Jan 10, 2018
Just bought my first muzzleloader, a CVA Accura v2. I'm not familiar with them, nor know anyone that has any experience with them. I wanted one to open up more hunting opportunities for me. I understand the basics but have a few questions.

1. I thought for accuracy purposes I would measure out the powder on my RCBS scale. however 100gr's of tripple 7 powder by weigh was way over 120gr in my quick reloader tube. Are the tubes by when muzzleloading by volumn and not weight? I though having a perfect weighted charge each time would be much more consistent, is this a bad idea?

2. I can not use sabots, are powerbelts the only other bullet option out there?

3. How often do I need to clean the gun? Can I shoot it 3 times, 5 times in between cleaning? At the range would a simply patch to push out the powder residue suffice? Or will accuracy really start to drop off if not properly cleaned?

4. What is the best way to clean the gun? seems like I need to push patches of bore cleaner threw, then dry patches till they are clean, then put bore butter in. Is this correct? Then simply clean up the breech plug and wipe it all down and call it a day. Is simply spraying the breech plug with cleaner and wiping it up good enough? or does the inside of it get really dirty as well? how would you clean all the carbon buildup out of it?

5. When cleaning the gun, is it like a rifle where you should push patches from the breech to the muzzle? or does it really matter on a muzzleloader?

6. Is a bullet starter really needed? The guy at the store highly recommended one, but I have no problem pushing a bullet down a bit with my thumb then using the ram rod for the rest.

Any other tips and tricks are more than welcome. I'm excited to get this thing dialed in to do some hunting this fall. I just wasn't real sure on a few things. also not sure what all gear i will need with it.

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