Converting Right hand stock to left??


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Feb 9, 2009
Laurel, Montana
Has anyone here ever converted a Right hand stock to fit a left hand action?
Was it worth the trouble? What did you use to fill the right bolt cuttout with?
I googled this topic with no results. Any help would be appreciated!
Yes, I used acraglass gel. Rough up the old bolt cut-out with a dremmel and then cut or drill some little notches in the cut-out to add a mechanicam lock/ the gel works good because it stays where you put it. Acetone the area for the epoxy and make sure the paint is removed from the area of adheision. I build it up and after it cures rough it down with a small file and then finish with sand paper backed on a file. The port releif, and saftey cut, can be filled as well. recut the new openings as needed, and paint.

This is for fiberglass or composite stocks,
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Thanks Jim! I find myself gravitating to your website and a few select others each day. Lots of ideas looking through your photos/ gun builds/for sale sections. I'm in the process of putting together a long range hunter and the stock I have selected is only available in Right hand. I was basically on the same page as you for what needed done, just need to take the dive into personalizing an already semi-custom stock to make it perfect---for my needs!!

Thanks--Ben :)
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