converting a hinged floor plate to a magazine

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Mar 30, 2010
Hi all,

I use a Savage 111 LRH chambered in 7mm rem mag for hunting. This rifle came with a hinged floor plate and I'm wondering if there are any kits or ways to change it so I can use magazines instead.

Right now the rifle only holds three rounds. This, in and of itself, wouldn't be an issue, however, I hunt with a disabled hunter, and here in WA I can legally harvest his animal if I want (granted I have the companion card and other rules are followed out). For me, a guy who probably doesn't shoot as well as some members here, trying to off two deer or elk with only three rounds can be somewhat stressful...don't want any injured animals wandering off. Thanks in advance.


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Nov 6, 2006
Dayton, Nevada
You can get the assembly from Savage directly.

It will be easier than dealing with SSS and the stuff from Hitech is only for short actions.

I did the same thing last spring. I place a want ad on Savage Shooters.

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