Contender 223 ??

One thing to remember about shooting game in the 100 to 200 pound range is retained energy. You may be able to hit a deer at 300 yards with a 30-30 or 7-30 Waters from a pistol barrel but you will not have a lot of energy left for expansion of the bullet and a quick kill if you are using rifle bullets. You will need to use one of the special bullets made for Single Shot Pistols like the 130 gr. SSP 7mm and the 135 gr. SSP 30 Cal. that Sierra makes. That means that you must handload. With factory ammo I would limit my deer shooting to inside 150 yards.
This long range shooting and hunting is new to hunlee so all post are read.Hunlee never kill deer or orther game animal out at long ranger but would like to have good bullit expansion when bullit hit animal.Sure not want bullit to hit and just punch small hole....One need big hold so blood willl flow and animal can go down soon after hit is made.Hunlee think about differant bullit out there and come to concluesion maybe bullit fron Nosler company good for deer and such.Seeing how hunlee is now proud owner of tc 7-30 water barrel and has reloading die for 7-30 water maybe hunlee buy Nosler 120 grainer bt bullit for 7-30 water.Hunlee allso been thinking Nosler make nice bt for 223 and maybe them would be nice on small deer and anntalope,maybe hunlee try them sometime

In Colorado you cannot hunt deer/antelope with a 22 centerfire.
120 NBT is a good bullet but, remember the 7x30 has some range limitations. 250 yards is about max would be my guess.
Was hopeing to be able to shoot to 300 yard with new 7-30 water barrel,hunlee have barrel cut down now and she is looking pretty on my contender frame.Soon hunlee get new scope and have deside to get BURRIS 3-12 WITH THE BILISTIC PLEX CROSS HAIR IN THERE.Money is short for hunlee and the wife but we have enough food in storage to last about four or five month.All seven of my children has enough close to ware and there shoe are in good shape so the order will be made to natchez shooter suppily house tomorrow or next day.Must have this long ranger ready by spring.Hunlee allso will be getting some bullit and powder too,thinking four of five hundred bullit for start.Maybe when come onto more money one of those nice computer camera can come to hunlee for picture of gun with new barrel 223 and 375 windchester

Once you get your Contender stretched as much as possible you will want to go to a stronger action for your next SP. For game and LR the Contender has some real limitations
The contender can do quite a bit more using wildcats.
7mm Bellm is one of my favorite 7mm Bellm.png setups

Even factory stuff will provide you the ability. (23" 6.8 SPC barrel)
For the ethical consideration of the animal limit your range to the cartridge's effectiveness.
Ernie is correct.
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If you've already got the 30-30 barrel look at lever revolution rounds, I think they're 160gr. They'll give you a little better bc than flat point bullets but you're still looking at 200ish yards unless you dial for elevation. A 223rem and 55gr sp from a super 14 barrel have killed many a deer in my neck of the woods out to 150yd. The 30-30 will give you a little more margin of error though. I've got a 15" 243win barrel on my encore and with 80gr speer hot core, or 85gr game kings its a deadly combo from 25-250yd on the 120-220lb deer in KY. Look up terminal ballistic research, Nathan Forester is the guy's name he's out of New Zealand I believe and he's got all kinds of good info. He's blunt about 22 cal for deer he doesn't like them at all but, has the evidence to show you why.
Two places to visit on the web if your serious about Contenders is Bellm TC's and Gary Reeder's site. The Herret cartridges are also very good along with the 357 max (very near the same as the now popular 350 Legend, just a hair shorter case).
It's apples and oranges, but the junior deer hunters are shooting 223 youth rifles with factory Barnes ammo. They're not the best shots these young'uns, but when they connect they are DRT or go very short distances.
Your going to loose speed, pistol to rifle, but if you wanted to try a box of ammo....
That muzzle flash may be a bit much, lol. Welding helmet might help.
You could hand load some 110-125gr bullets and pick up some more speed. The bullets designed for 300blk should be soft enough to work at pistol speeds but hold up enough for deer. Your still looking at 200yd before dialing or holdovers but at 2500ish fps it should stomp them pretty good. I'm sure someone makes a tipped bullet that'll buck the wind and the extra bc will help.
Single stage press, and all the accessories can be found cheaper that a new barrel is you shop around. Right now I'm having a hard time finding primers but that'll settle down once this "pandemic" is over.