Considering a Tikka

Only other rifle tickling my brain is a Christensen Mesa in 7 mm Rem mag as well. But the Tikka sure has my attention.
Tikka is a great rifle, my t3 varmint 22.250 is very accurate, no intentions of giving it up. My pro’s, accuracy, trigger, bolt locks when the safety is engaged. Cons, my rifle and another for a friend, a t3x 6.5 creedmoor both have a tremendous amount of free bore, the twist rate on some calibers is ancient
So I ordered a Tikka laminate with stainless barrel. Should be here in about 3 weeks is what my local shop said. I know I will glass bed the recoil lug but will it a good idea to do pillars as well or just shoot it and see?

This one in 7mm Rem mag
I purchased a Tikka T3X in .223 about 2 months ago. Before purchasing, I was already looking at replacement stocks and other small replacement items. I didn't like the black plastic stock at all. It reminded me of the old AR-15 black stocks in the late 60's.

However, after getting my Tikka 223, the only thing I changed was the trigger spring. The black plastic stock is so much better than I anticipated it would be. A lot of shooters will add resin to the forearm, partially filling the hollow area. I was surprised how ridge the stock is. Others will add pillars and bed the stock. I thought I would shoot it first before I considered either one of these options. I don't care for the black at all so the paint is currently drying as I type this up.

After loading up some rounds and a range trip, I'm sold on the Tikka. My second range trip, all my rounds were loaded long and I used my arbor press to set my COAL.

I'm shooting groups between .5 to .625. This is good enough for me.

So, I only changed the trigger spring & painted the stock. Good to go.

I'm looking at a .243 Tikka now.

I would recommend you purchase one.
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