Connect a Chrony to a Laptop using $8 worth of parts

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    Feb 11, 2012
    How to connect a Beta Chrony to a laptop using $8 worth of parts. This was done because I thought that the cost of software (about $100) and the cost of the USB connector, and Chrony (stereo) connector (about $50), was excessive.
    Refer to the attachments for photos and more detailed instructions
    PL2303 USB2.0 to RS232 TTL Converter Module + 4 x cable
    Obtained from e-bay $5
    Male stereo 1/8 Phone Plug (3 conductor) $3
    Obtained from e-bay (or Radio Shack)
    Use the attached instructions from noplabs to solder the wires included with the USB to the 1/8 inch phone plug. I used red for the tip of the connector, yellow for the middle, and black for the ground.

    Prolific – obtained from prolific website
    PL2303 Windows Driver User Manual v1.8.0.pdf

    Hyperterminal software
    Obtained from - any windows XP program files location

    Or use you can use ExtraPutty
    Obtained from ExtraPutty website

    How to set up and run the software
    Reference the attachment or go to the website

    Set up notes
    Both Hyperterminal and ExtraPutty use the same parameters
    The serial port settings are:
    8 data bits
    no parity
    1 stop bit.
    Name the setup so you can click on it later

    Running the software notes
    Use the following commands
    SYSX – Enter the PC mode
    X.ALO – Ping Chrony (Hello I am here)
    X.INC – increment to the next string
    X.END – get out of PC mode

    A day at the range
    Set up the Chrony on the range
    Put the battery in the Chrony
    Turn on the Laptop PC
    Plug in the USB to the PC
    Plug the USB into the Chrony
    Turn on the chrony (last step is to turn the unit on)
    Click on Hyperterminal or extraputty (depending upon which one you installed)
    An empty window should show up
    Type in SYSX – Enter the PC mode
    X.ALO – Ping Chrony (Hello I am here)
    Type in X.GEE
    This should be empty if you cleared out your Chrony memory
    If not – refer to the Chrony owner’s manual and clear out the memory and repeat this process.
    Type in X.END

    Begin shooting … You may wish to do some shooting with a nerf gun at home, or a 22 out on the range until you get used to using the chrony with the laptop to save money on ammo.

    Shoot ten (successful) shots
    Type in SYSX – Enter the PC mode
    Type in X.GEE
    Copy this to a notepad file for later use in Excel
    Type in X.INC
    To increment to the next string
    Type in X.END

    Repeat as needed …
    Have FUN …

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    Jun 11, 2010
    now this is a good post with very good data as well. I don't use a Crony, but I liked what I read.
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    May 13, 2012
    That's pretty neat. Now can u do it for my iPad
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    Feb 11, 2012
    I do not have any experience with i pads.

    But, I suspect you can do the same thing with an i pad.