Confronting the Rem 770 .30-06

George Dean

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Sep 18, 2017
North East Ohio
My eldest son recently acquired this rifle in a swap. He's impetuous. The rifle, loaded with the supplied scope, is by no means a lightweight at 9.5 pounds but lighter than some of my rigs. I'm not pleased with it but it has a market, and if properly assembled at the factory will produce results for the owner.

I believe this model may have manifested some of its own trigger problems, but as far as I can tell, no one is making an after-market trigger for it. The rear of the action has a polymer piece which mates with the receiver, problematic for some with the bolt not smoothly gliding thru . Folks have worked the surfaces on the polymer with sand paper and Flitzed their bolts with some success in this area.

Several caveats with this rifle: Individual units may be improperly headspaced, the bolt's handle may break away from the body (Insufficient weld) and the recoil lug may separate from the receiver or the pocket for the lug may not be properly sized, located or shaped for the lug within the polymer stock. These are all problems that owners have reported. Some of these guns preform well right out of the box, some not so well. Also some are MOA rifles out of the box, depending on the ammunition.

My first intention with my son's rifle, is to sight it in at 2.1" high at 100, for a 200 yd zero with Rem 180grs, using the scope that it arrived with, then if everything's O.K. return the rifle to him. If it shoots erratically, I'll take necessary steps to free float the barrel and smooth out the factory trigger, keeping it at or above 3lbs.

Those the have adjusted the trigger on this model report problems with misfires or premature discharges (Jarring the gun, when closing the bolt on a live round, etc.) at or below 2.5 lbs. Re: the headspace problems: They are apparent when first closing on the bolt on a live round. Either one may have difficulty closing the bolt or unable to close it at all.

My range is a 45 minute ride each way, so I'll not be rushing out to perform this task soon but I will report any and all results as completed or problems which crop up.


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