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Jan 6, 2003
The rifle range, or archery range or behind the co
I have finally done it!!

I have created a computer program that allows you to enter your zero and your bullet drops and windage and it will show you a picture of a given reticle such as all the Nightforce reticles, and the Mil-dot and numbers will appear on the reticle showing you how many inches high or low the bullet will be at each hold over in 100 yard increments! Also number of clicks and MOA come ups are also given for those that want to move the reticle to hit at their desired range with the center croos hair! YeeHa!!
Copyright the program and get a government contract after you port it to a palmtop... this should set you up with $$$$$$.

After seeing the topic I was thinking of a HUD scope that has a laser range finding built in. After the laser grabs the distance the computer then calculates drop per the load, temp, distance and the a small dot appears and that's your hold-over. (load and temp can be entered in advance) The only thing the shooter has to compute is the wind.
Maybe someone has this already but I haven't seen it or heard of it. Anyone working for USO here, if so it's an idea?
Yeah that atrag software stuff is preatty cool, this program allows you to use NF reticles though. It doesent calculate ballistics, you have to enter your drop chart and it just shows you how high or low you would be at each hold over and how many clicks up or down it would take to hit the target based on you MOA per click. Also MOA come ups and come overs are included.

Input values are zero range, drop in inches at longer ranges, MOA per click (eg. .125, .250 ect...), wind drift in inches. You choose which reticle you want to use. Mildot, NP-R2, and NP-1RR. Other reticles are soon to come.

The graphics on this program are really cool too.

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You can get one from me, but I have to clean up the details and finish the copywright proccess. The cost of the Reloaders Archive program is 39 bucks and it now includes this reticle feature. The cost of this program has not increased due to this addition. The reticle program by itself would be around 20 bucks or so, I still have to iron out those details.

I would be interested in sending someone a simplified version to do a review if anyone is interested.

Congradulations. Well done.

I have similar software written which superimposes the reticles over drop charts.

I think this may differ from yours. I presume your display is a through the scope view. This is a very nice idea.

Currently I am just writing these charts out to static gif charts.


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