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Dec 3, 2007
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Coming soon from Vortex:

There are many exciting products in the works at Vortex for 2010. These guys have been listening to what the shooting community has been saying. Stay tuned for more announcements

Viper PST with 30mm Tube
6-24x50 FFP with EBR-1 MRAD Reticle #PST-624F1-M $899.99
6-24x50 FFP with EBR-1 MOA Reticle #PST-624F1-A $899.99
4-16x50 FFP with EBR-1 MRAD Reticle #PST-416F1-M $849.99
4-16x50 FFP with EBR-1 MOA Reticle #PST-416F1-A $849.99
6-24x50 with EBR-1 MRAD Reticle #PST-624S1-M $749.99
6-24x50 with EBR-1 MOA Reticle #PST-624S1-A $749.99
4-16x50 with EBR-1 MRAD Reticle #PST-416S1-M $699.99
4-16x50 with EBR-1 MOA Reticle #PST-416S1-A $699.99
2.5-10x44 with EBR-1 MRAD Reticle #PST-210S1-M $599.99
2.5-10x44 with EBR-1 MOA Reticle #PST-210S1-A $599.99
1-4x24 with TMCQ MRAD Reticle #PST-14ST-M $499.99
1-4x24 with TMCQ MOA Reticle #PST-14ST-A $499.99

Also, coming from Vortex:
Razor HD with 35mm Tube -
HD 5-20x50 with EBR-1 MOA Reticle #RZR550 $1999.99
HD 5-20x50 with EBR-2 MRAD Reticle #RZR551 $1999.99
HD 5-20x50 with EBR-3 MRAD Reticle #RZR553 $1999.99

Razor HD with 30mm Tube-
HD 1-4x24 with CQMR-1 Reticle #RZR124-Q Coming Soon
HD 1-4x24 with EBR-556 Reticle #RZR124-E Coming Soon

SPARC Red Dot #SPRC $199.99

Red Dot Accessories
KillFLASH ARD for Strikefire Red Dot Threaded ARD35 $34.99
KillFLASH ARD for SPARC Red Dot Threaded ARD30 $34.99
VMX3 Magnifier for Red Dot Scopes VMX3 $129.99

Recon Scopes
15x50 mountain RH50 $549.99
15x50 R/T Tactical RT155 $599.99
10x50 R/T RT150 $589.99
15x50 R/T Tactical with VMS Coming Soon
10x50 R/T Tactical with VMS Coming Soon

Recon Accessories
Versatile Mount System:
Includes - Lower U Bracket, Upper U Bracket, (3) Picatinny rails, AR15 Stock Adapter, Picatinny Rail Spacer, Picatinny Rail / Tripod Mount, Long Double Picatinny Rail, Hex Key (6) Screws #VMS-1 $Coming Soon
Low Light Polarizing Filter for Size 7 Flip Cap Optic Cover #LLPOL-7 $39.99
Picatinny Short Rail #RPS Coming Soon
Picatinny Long Double Rail #PR-L Coming Soon
Picatinny Rail Spacer #PRS Coming Soon
AR15 Stock Adapter ARSA Coming Soon

Recon Parts
Recon Tripod #R8 $9.99
Recon R/T Tactical Scope Replacement Package: Flared Eyecup, KillFLASH ARD Flip Cap Optics Cover (Size 7), Low Light Polarizing Filter, Rainguard, Handstrap, Lens Pen, FogFree Cleaning Kit #RRP $119.99

As more product information come to light we'll do our best to bring it to you. Thanks for your continued support.
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Yes, please let us know when these new model scopes are available for purchase. Look's like some very enticing options. FFP and the new reticle offerings in both SFP & FFP. I know Vortex puts pretty good glass in their upper end products, and they also provide an unbeatable warranty.
True MOAs. Matched turrets & reticles. No FFP 2.5-44 for now - maybe next year. Since Vortex has done such an attentive job of listening to what everyone has been feedbacking with I this it is safe to believe these will have a zero stop mechanism.​
What caliber rifle is it on and do you shoot with a muzzle brake? Just asking to get an idea of the duty your rilfe puts the scope under.
4-16x50 with EBR-1 MOA Reticle #PST-416S1-A $699.99

Exactly what im looking for... I wonder how much elevation adjustment they have...
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