Colt a4 upper

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Traded for this to build a clone but considering moving on to other things. Previous owner claimed unfired, I will say I think it’s very low round count. Very good condition, had some light marks around ejection port, a touch of brass from bullet tips on feed ramps and some brass on bolt face. I’ll try to show pictures of everything. I can’t say if this was or wasn’t fired and I don’t want anyone to be unhappy with what they get, so I’m not going to claim something I don’t know.

20” Colt a4 upper, upper is number sequence proof marked, barrel is “c proofed”

c proofed bcg

carry handle

charging handle

This is a Complete upper, with bcg charging handle and carry handle. Not just the receiver rail and barrel.

currently has a UTG quad rail on it, original plastic guards are pictured and included.

590$ shipped
1648F9D5-19A0-47FD-899B-5564DD09043F.jpeg 2860D137-D4A5-47FF-A4B9-837942435854.jpeg 45472C06-7D05-42E4-B613-BF3C494229F7.jpeg 3FC77707-1465-4EBD-A167-754724A98C48.jpeg E5D314CE-7C26-4B58-8514-0D47B3302424.jpeg A62D9C23-DE59-4501-9DA6-4AD8266A8654.jpeg 7B318C45-1E06-4B04-AC71-38AF95E46425.jpeg D0988E17-6CF5-44FC-8D03-7F53C981CB11.jpeg D2AD8F11-BEF0-4393-A7DC-1E90449DCB08.jpeg 84A762F0-F870-4154-85D2-305F87157332.jpeg