Colorado Elk??????


Nov 15, 2004
El Reno, OK
Does anyone know if first elk season in unit 751 is over the counter tag or is the first season draw only and then the second season over the counter?????? i had some guys telling me today that first season was draw only and i cant find it on the wildlife dept website

Thanks TennVol, i really appreciate the info. Most of the time i cant make heads or tails of other states reg's, then again i cant make much sense of the reg's in my own state either!!!:D:D

Would we be able to put in for the first season tags and then if we dont draw still be able to get OTC tags for the unit 2nd season that late in the year??? i would really like to hunt the first season since me and my buddies have never heard a bull buggeling and that has always been a dream of mine but either way i wanna go hunting for them this year.

thanks again
Yes if you dont draw on the first season tag then you can get an OTC tag for the 2nd season. You will also get a pref. point for the first season, then the next year it will be alittle easier to draw that first season tag. Colorado is kinda neat because each year you dont draw you get a pref. point soon you are gaurenteed a tag. States like N. Mexico dont use a pref point system, you can send in for 20 years and still not draw a tag. Colorado also has a youth tag that only costs out of state youths 17 and under $100.00. THATS A STEAL for out of state hunters. Good Luck on the draw that first season is only 5 days but it is a awesome time to be in the mountains.
Thanks 300,

Is there not a limit on the OTC tags for that area???? i just dont wanna sink all my hopes into drawing that tag and then not get it and then not be able to get a OTC tag cause all of them have been sold. Sorry for all the questions, my first time hunting CO and only my second real out of state hunt.


the 2008 proclamation isnt out yet, it wont be out for a couple more months but if nothing changes then the answer to your question is NO. There is no limit to the number of OTC (Bull Only) tags for unit 75 in the 2nd or 3rd season. Hope it helps and keep checking for the 2008 on the internet, nothing should change for that unit. I havent heard of any changes coming involving OTC tags for the units around me but you never know with the goverment LOL
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Actually i am looking at unit 751, dont know if that was a typo or not. probably wont make and difference. thanks again for the help

You can plan hunts 5 years in advance in Colorado.

Just go to the DOW websiste and go to their search and type in '5 year big game season structure' or '2010 big game season' or something similar and the 5 year schedule will come up. The seasons are NOT set in stone, so the dates COULD change a little as time goes along. I had a link for the 5 year plan but have lost it or I would post it. I'll look when I get to my home pc on Sunday and see if it's bookmarked there. Good luck.
I am not trying to argue with you TennVol, but I know that Co does hold a certain percentage of tags just for resident tags and only around 30% goes out to Out of State hunters so if they give out 2500 tags only 750 will be allowed to the nonresident hunters. I agree he shouldnt have any problem drawing one, my daughter which is resident didnt draw her 1st season tag last year (2007) but everyone else did in their group. It takes every other year to draw a 3rd season buck tag, I love those pref. point systems every state should have them
Thanks for all the info everyone, TennVol that some pretty impressive stuff you got there,

Now maybe everyone can see why I cant understand [email protected] in regs!!!!

thanks again guys
Thanks again buddy, you been a hell of a lot of help so far. I am getting ready to make another new post with some new info on what i have decided so far, tell me what you think

thanks again man, i really appreciate it, if for some reason you ever wanna hunt down in OK just hollar and i will help you in any way i can. That goes for anyone by the way

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