Colorado Elk Muzzleloader tag


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Apr 12, 2014
We usually hunt first rifle but drew muzzy tags this year. Not much of a muzzleloader guy but I bought the Remington Ultimate Muzzleloader couple years ago. Wondering if anyone has any pet loads worked up for one of these. Keep in mind must use loose powder and no sabots. Thanks


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Apr 6, 2011
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I know the rifles well. If it were me and without question or hesitation, I would contact Luke at Arrowhead Rifles and replace that OEM breech plug with the Arrowhead designed plug. The change will be the absolute BEST modification you can possibly make. PERIOD.
The Arrowhead ignition system will allow you to use BH209 without worrying about gas cutting that OEM nipple. So you can shoot any black powder substitute you want. NOTE: THE BREECH PLUG DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO SHOOT SMOKELESS PROPELLANTS!

Next up, Fury bullets and shoot bullet to bore. No sabots, the weakest link. Fury has a sizing package to determine the correct diameter for your specific barrel and ever barrel is different. If you shoot a lot, then a 50cal sizing die would be beneficial. If you just shoot a few rounds each year, Fury will pre-size the bullets you need.

To spare someone some possible grief, if you're interested in more information on charges, send me a pm. The RUM and UF rifles are capable of much heavier charges than production rifles. It would be better if I provided that information through PM.