CO2 cooling systems

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  1. daveosok

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    Has anyone had any luck with these systems. Does anyone own one?
    If they own one could you please take pictures or if you designed it please send me the prints. I am willing to pay for the information.
    I talked to a guy who said that CO2 and moly would create an acid of some sorts and actually be more harmful to the cooling than it would be helpful. Have any of you heard of this?

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  2. CatShooter

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    May 8, 2001

    CO2 and moly won't make any kind of acid, so don't worry.


    CO2 seems like an expensive and bulky solution to barrel cooling... why not water?

  3. Ian M

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    May 3, 2001
    I believe that there was a fellow in S. Dakota selling a CO2 barrel cooling system a few years ago. I also know that H-S Precision used one when they did a 10,000 round shooting test a while back. Sounded like it was simply a length of tubing plugged at one end with many side holes to allow the gas out - not sure what material the tubing was. Other end attached to a hose, then to a CO2 tank. That is how I had it explained to me. Fellow said that he gave it a few minutes on regular intervals. Not sure if there were bushings to center it in the bore, probably not necessary.
    Sorry I don't have more details, maybe you could get the info on a varmint forum.