CO Late Pronghorn hunt and public access info

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Hey All,
We just got back from our late CO plains pronghorn hunt in eastern CO. I was committed to getting my wife into a goat as she has not had a chance to harvest in a few years. We hunt a ranch of over 4000 acres out there but there are a number of dispersed public hunting walk in access sectors scattered out there and available to view at CO Parks and Wildlife. If you look at the attached map (sorry, I tried to save it in the proper orientation), you'll see a TINY 1/4 x 1/2 mile yellow sector just below the word Kit Carson and to the right of the W. We pulled into that area and noted a nice herd. My wife had a short, but perfect, berm of weeds to work the 1/4 mile on her hands and knees up for a good shot. I could not accurately range it but approximate her shot at 400+ yards from her classic on one knee stance and with her Ruger 77mkII in 270, 130gn Hornady GMX. Really proud of her.

One of the new public access sectors out there, is Blue Lake at 53,294 acres so large or small, these areas are worth checking out. cheers
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