CMP announces second round of sales for surplus US Military 1911 and 1911A1


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Aug 3, 2020
Houston, Texas
CMP announced the second round of fulfilling orders for surplus 1911s will be in in early 2021. I found an email from CMP dated March 2019 informing me of my RGN in the mid 18000. With the current political climate I wasn't sure of the second round would occur. Many who sent in packets either changed their minds, decided not to buy when their desired grade was not available, if they didn't recognize the phone number and ignored the contact, if their FFL went out of business due to the scamdemic or maybe submitted a packet only to see if they would be assigned a RGN and never intended to buy. The original order was for 10,000 1911s for the first round. The US Army released 8K.

For those who might be unaware of the CMP process surplus military surplus goes through before civilian sales, the arms are sorted by grade. They are completely disassembled and cleaned. Questionable parts are replaced including barrels and stocks. Then are reassembled and placed for auction and sales. Those that were exceptional would go directly to the CMP auction while the remainder would be sorted by grade; service at $1050, field grade $950 and rack grade $850.

Roughly 107,000 M1 Garands were repatriated from the Philippines and Turkey that were a part of the Military Assistance Program of WW II which CMP received and in the process of getting ready for civilian sales. Since these are more than 50 years old and classified as Curios and Relics they can be shipped directly to your home instead of an FFL. As of 2018 Korea has 80K M1 Garands and 600K M1 carbines. CMP is working with the US Army to repatriate those for US civilian sales. Under the Biden Admin that will not likely happen.

The CMP sells surplus US military small arms directly to the civilian provided they are current members of a CMP affiliated organization. The shooting club where I belong is an affiliated organization. There are several other requirements. Follow the link for more info. Colt markets a 1911 named after the National Match competitions,