SOLD/EXPIRED Clymer Reamers

George LS

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Dec 31, 2007
Clymer reamers, all standard specs. , solid pilot
22 long rifle,222rem.,22-250 rem,220 swift, 6mm rem, 257 Roberts, 6mm/06 no throat, 6.5/06 no throat, 270 win,7mm mauser,280 rem finish&rougher,30/30 win, finish&rougher, 308win, 30/06 finish, no throat, and a rougher,338/06 whelen. mag reamers, 264win mag, 7mm Rem mag, rougher and finish, 308 Norma, 300 win mag ( one solid pilot, one removable pilot, 300 win mag rougher, removable pilot, Wby. Mags reamers, 257 Wby mag, 6.5/300 Wby mag, no throat, 7mm/300 Wby mag, 30/378 Wby mag , no throat, 30/378 Wby mag , long throats, (2), 30/378 Wby mag case sizer reamer. Standards @ $40 each, Mags, @$50 each, Wby mags, $75 each. Reasonable offer for all as a lot

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