Clicks or trajectory compensating retricle??


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Feb 26, 2003
Pueblo, CO
What is everybodies preference and why? I understand the need for comeup clicks beyond say 500 or so due to increased trajectory but less than that??

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When it's under 600 yards, or 10 MOA, and I've ranged the target, I've got the number of MOA to hold in my head already. At that point, it's either hold over or dial it.

The NF R2 reticle makes it pretty easy to forget the need to dial.
I'll chime in on this one,

IMHO I prefer dialing in verses Compensating reticles. Dialing in is much more accurate and if you have the different tables for different temps, altitudes and environmental changes you're pretty well set.

Compensating reticles are calibrated for a specific load at a specific altitude and temp. Once you leave those conditions the reticle will only be a ball park guess.

Example: Say you're using the Springfield Armory .308 reticle, which is calibrated for the sierra 168 gr BTHP at 59 degrees and sea level. Now you're hunting in Colorado at 10 degrees and 10,000' elevation. At 1000-yard give or take that reticle would be off by more than 7 feet.

So, I'd rather dial in my range.

Hope it helps & Have a great Thanksgiving everyone
IMHO a compensating reticle is probably better if you are staying within 500 yards. It will be faster and simpler.
Dialing it in is undoubtedly better at longer ranges, and while applicable at shorter ranges, being off by inches is acceptable.
The neat thing about clicking it is that the same technique works as long as you have the elevation to work with and proper data. It is a better technique to learn.
So then what do you think of this reticle, that is calibrated in 2 moa increments?

If you know the come ups in moa, then you just have to put that many moa above the target and squeeze! Saves all that cranking. You can still dial in the windage if you need to.

That's the only reticle I like better than the NF R2.
I thought they were 1 moa between tics the first time you posted the pic, I must have looked at it wrong.

That's the new USO reticle?
Is the reticle in the 1st or 2nd plane?

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