SOLD/EXPIRED Clearance: Bushnell sentry trail camera by

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    Aug 23, 2010
    Clearance: Bushnell sentry trail camera with 5MP resolution digital and video capability $89 with shipping by

    SALE PRICE: $89.00

    With one of the quickest trigger times on the market, extra-long battery life and an incredibly affordable price, the new BUSHNELL Trail Sentry 5MP Trail Camera, IR (119305C) is a sharp little lookout you'll want an army of.
    This unit captures sharp digital photos or short video clips. Now birders and property owners with security concerns can benefit from the high level of performance and affordable pricing that quickly made the Trail Sentry 5 MP a top-seller with hunters across the country.
    Bushnell honed the technology and shaved the price to make the ultimate season attainable for virtually anyone.

    Tell you friends about this deal - we are clearing them out - all must find good homes (woods).