Cleaning Carbon from Barrel

DJ Fergus

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Dec 25, 2015
Mike, my bores were shiny as a mirror when I bought the barrels. They are still that way. They get only very minimal carbon fouling which is easily removed. Never had a carbon ring and very seldom a trace of copper from the Barnes copper bullets. Been cleaning this way for years and won’t change a thing. The 6000 non embedding grit in flitz isn’t even classified as an abrasive and does no damage. I have match barrels from shilen, hart, pacnor, Krieger, PBB and all are pristine.
I use the green liquid flitz, not the blue paste. Call and talk to flitz, I did before I used it.
I've never used the green flitz. Sounds like it may be ok. I had a bad experience using the blue flitz in a barrel around 20 years ago.

Stan Malinky

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Jan 15, 2019
Orangevale, CA
I want to thank everybody for their input to the carbon problem. All of the recommended products I found that Bore Tech Carbon remover worked best, but understand there was a lot of product put down that barrel. After removing approximately 90 to 95% of the carbon I used Flitz, as suggested, very sparingly, only 5 strokes and then cleaned it out. When I then scoped the barrel I could only find small specks of carbon but the barrel looked like it was polished.

It took me until now to get it to the range and sight it in. I had to pull the firing pin send it in for the recall and wait for them to return the replacement. As well as a weeks vacation and other projects. The group came down from 5 inches + to < 2 inches at a hundred yards.

This one was worth while saving!!!

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