Choosing the Correct Rifle Scope?


Nov 10, 2014
San Antonio, Texas
I need some advice in choosing my first Rifle Scope. I am a new shooter and next to choosing the correct rifle this has been the most challenging to choose.

My primary objective will be target shooting with some hunting along the way. My goal will ultimately be 1000 yards but since I am just starting out I will take my time getting there. For now, planning to learn between 300-800 yards.

First of all MOA or Mil-DOT? I feel this is personal preference but I want to hear it from some of you experts. I was never one to be great or efficient with mathematics.

Glass: So many things to consider. I've read articles about getting a scope with glass to where you can see the heat and wind silhouettes. Is this really important now?

I've recently had my eye on the Vortex PST line, 6-24x50 FFP EBR-C (43128) $850.00, but is this the right one for what I am looking to do long term?
How much do need to spend to get it all? What does $100-200 more get me? What does $10-200 less get me?

BTW, I will using a .308




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Nov 13, 2008
we need more info. A "target" scope and a "hunting" scope are usually very different. Hunting scopes usually have a low end power between 3x and 6x in case of a shot at short range. "target" scopes have really high powers to get the last 0.1" of accuracy.

will you only be hunting large animals - elk/deer, or will you be hunting small animals where more mag might be handy?

If you're only going to be hunting open, long range areas, something like a 6-24 would work well. I've had a couple of Vortex scopes and wasn't really impressed. My scope of choice is the Sightron SIII with LRMOA reticle. 6-24 is a great power range. The reticle might be a little thin for dark woods hunting, fyi (I think they do offer a lit dot also). They now have a Horus type reticle if you like them.

Another popular LR hunting scope is the bushnell LRHS. SWFA 3-15, Zeiss conquest 4.5-14, leupold vx6, etc are other choices to look at.

Good luck.


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Sep 15, 2008
FFP isn't needed...some like it, some don't (I don't)...but you can get by just fine without it, and doing so will allow you to get a better optic overall because FFP is an expensive option.

Vortex is fine, as are others...spend your $$$ on glass quality (clarity) and turret quality (repeatability).

Thin reticles are a big plus on LR optics...regardless of FFP or not....thats one thing I really like about Vortex, but they have made their newer plex reticles thicker than they used to be...I liked the really thin ones just fine, apparently some people didn't....the point is "aim small miss small"...and you can't do that if your reticle covers too much of the target.


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Oct 28, 2010
Jackson Hole, WY
I would second the Sightron SIII LRMOA. The glass is very good, turrets are repeatable and 6-24 should be plenty. If you want to get to 1000 yards I would get a 30mm scope over a 1" due to it having more adjustment. The Viper PST is a good scope but it may not have enough adjustment to get a 308 to 1k, depending on your load. SWFA also makes awesome scopes; the fixed 10x at $300.00 is good enough to get you to 1000 yards; I have one on my .308. It is tough to be the Sightron SIII and I don't feel like I need to upgrade it in any way.


Mar 29, 2015
I would recommend the Nightforce SHV 3-10 or the 5-20 depending on how much magnification you need. They have amazing glass for the money. Remember you cannot hit what you cannot see.
After years of hunting all I buy is leupold or nightforce scopes because they always get the job done. I have tried almost every brand of scope and these 2 you can rely on. As with any scope look it over before mounting it. People can make mistakes putting together scopes.

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