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    Jan 17, 2011
    I'm new so no one knows me but I thought I would tell about the way a buddy and I hunt wild pigs and you could tell me about your hunts.
    We have a place where the Mt comes to sort of a funnel with a spring and lots of mud,a real private spa for the hogs.We take a little stool and just sit and wait till they come through.The first time was fun,they were noisey and we could hear them coming for a long time before they got there.I think we got one that first time.After that they started being quite and could be within feet before you could know they were there.This place is so dark the moon does not even shine in.Snow stays till spring the sun never hits this spot.After we hunted them a while they more or less started hunting us.They were black and all we were useing was a sure fire on our AR-15.We only take head shots.Sometimes you could hear them breathing but still could not see them.When you flip on your light they just freez and don't move a muscle.We had one big red boar we saw but could not get a shot at.He would slip behind us and pop his teeth.This got to be pretty exciting.We only killed 6 so far but it sure is fun. The largest one we have got might weigh 200,pretty good size but there are some much bigger.They are of course hard to get a shot at.Sometimes we set for hours and freeze our butts off and see or hear nothing,really most times,but when we do it is fun.