Chico, CA 1923 Wimbledon Cup

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    Oct 19, 2013
    I am mostly a target shooter as my physical condition doesn't allow for hunts anymore, and though I've always had a love for the 1903, recently I've been shooting an old Herters J9 action with a 25.5 inch heavy barrel, JP howitzer brake, Timney trigger and mercury recoil reducer, chambered in 7mm Rem mag, handloads of Hornady AMax 162 ballistic tip HPBT in Federal brass with 67 grains of H1000.

    In 1923, my grandfather, Gunnery Sgt. Emil J Blade, won not only the Wimbledon Cup but also the Marine Cup. I found out about this long after his passing. Family held information was lost in a storage fire in the 50's shortly after I was born. So, I'm looking for someone who has been an avid collector of the NRA's American Rifleman magazine and would have a copy of that year's Camp Perry articles.