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Mar 4, 2010
I just bought a custom gun and it was listed with Flur-di-lis checkering. The stock is a medium brown walnut. The gun looks ok but the checkering just doesn't seem to standout and isn't very pronounced. It seems like it wasn't darkened to accent the stock. Is there a way I can do this without getting it all done over. I just think it would really set it off with a little darker color to the checkering. Thanks any info would be appreciated


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Apr 4, 2009
western Oregon
If you can trust yourself to be careful, you can get a few tools and "re-point" the checkering yourself. That will sharpen it up and can take a few years off the appearance of the rifle.
If you don't care to learn, have it done. Then before any oil is applied, you can brush it lightly with a walnut stain that will darken it. Apply this sparingly and carefully so it doesn't soak back under the finish adjacent to the checkering pattern.
When that has had a chance to set up, (overnight is usually good) re-seal it with oil and you're good to go.
I start with a couple light/medium coats of tung oil applied with a toothbrush so it can't pool in the grooves. When that is absorbed (dry) I topcoat it again with a couple coats of Tru-Oil cut 1:1 with lighter fluid (naptha mostly). Again with a toothbrush.

This type of detail work can really improve the looks of the rifle and add value as well.
Good luck!

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