Cheapest Way to a Long Distance Choke

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    There is no way to guarantee that any choke will give you the best pattern in your gun, but you can use some basic information to get a good pattern with the fewest dollars invested. Hevi-Shot has done a bunch of the testing for you and you should take advantage of it.

    Different shotguns have different bore diameters. A shotgun with a wider bore diameter will require a wider choke diameter than a gun with a tighter bore diameter to get the same pattern density.

    This is what Hevi-Shot produces for Hevi-13 choke diameters (12 gauge):

    Description___________________H-13 Choke Diameter
    Beretta/Benelli Turkey_______________0.656
    Winchester/Invector Turkey___________0.662
    Remington Turkey__________________0.662
    Browning Invector Plus Turkey_________0.664
    Benelli Crio Plus Turkey______________0.667
    Beretta Optima Plus Turkey___________0.671
    Mossberg 835/935 Turkey____________0.676

    Now you have a starting point to shoot Hevi-Shot, Remington HD, Winchester Xtended Range, Hevi-13, and ITX Extreme Turkey Trauma-13. However, you don’t necessarily need to buy a Hevi-13 choke. Rhino, Pure Gold, Indian Creek, and Jelly Head are 4 major choke makers that produce chokes that are close to these choke diameters.
    For example, the Hevi-13 Remington choke diameter is .662. Both Jelly Head and Rhino both make chokes in .660 for Remington, which is very close. Those would be good to try as alternatives. Some choke makers will also make custom choke diameters on request.

    Federal Heavyweight is not designed to be shot in ported chokes. You will be limited to the Pure Gold Tempest or other non-ported chokes for that load.

    TSS is a different animal and will probably not be optimized by these Hevi-13 choke diameters.

    These are only trends to get you started. The only way to truly find the best one for your shotgun would be to try them all.
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    Great information! One more piece of information. If you are just turkey hunting with your shot gun as i am my 870 20 ga. you can get some good deals on company's lower priced tube. The Primos "Tight Wad" has the same configuration as the Jelly Head at less than half the price. I called and they said it was just in the metal. I've been getting amazing patterns with it. I did use a guide like yours for a starting point for size. One more thing is to get a choke with 1.5 to 2 inch of straight length the size of the choke.