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Mar 20, 2004
holmes county FL
I have heard from people that bsa makes a good scope for the price i was wondering if anyone has had any experience with these scopes are the good quality and are the adjustments accurate all comments and replies would be most welcome.

thanks, and God bless
BSA scopes aren't very good at all.

I put a 3-12 on a 30-30 and it would bounce on and off of the target.

I like to bump my scopes after adusting just to make sure they are settled but, when I bumped the BSA it would move a FOOT. I know I shouldn't base my opinions on them based on that one bad experience but, when it is the 1st experience w/ the product, it kind of stays w/ you.

good for the price is probably right. However, it may not suit your needs. I have been down the low price route and unfortunately, good glass is not cheap.

You can also consider used to lower your cost substantially.

For optical and mechanical quality, I have had very good success with the Bausch&Lomb/Bushnell Elite line, Balvar, Scopechief (old ones), Banner (old ones made in Japan); Nikon Monarch; Burris Fullfield. On occasion you can find some Tasco World Class target scopes that were made in Japan. These are also very good and cheap.

So take the time and look through a variety of scopes. You will quickly find out that without optical quality, your money is wasted. Without mechanical quality, you may as well throw rocks.

If willing to buy used, $200 should get you some very serviceable optics. Now that's pretty "cheap".

for the money the best scope i baught was a sightron. I baught a 6x24x42 for $347 out the door and I treat it like a old hunting gun (mean i dont treat it as well as i should)and it stays on and the clearity is great
Topics about scopes are the equivalent of the old argument about which do you prefer, Ginger or Maryann?

Unlike many I always seem to read about, I do not have enough money to pay more for a scope than I do for the rifle I mount it on. As a result, I have to buy cheap scopes in order to shoot the rifles I can afford to buy. Recently, I bought a Bushnell Elite 3200 3-9x40, on clearance at Walmart for $150.00, and thought that was a pretty good scope for the money.

I also bought two Smith and Wesson target scopes for very few dollars at closeout prices, and thought they were a bargain for the quality they offered.

If I ever win the lottery, I might consider buying a $1,000.00 scope to put on a $500.00 rifle.
...eventually you'll realize the scope is much more expensive than a cheap rifle, but rifles come and go (especially the cheap ones) but a quality optic is for life and transferrable from rifle to rifle... if you could possibly go $400 - $500, there are a large number of Leupolds for sale on this forum and other places for that amount... you'll never regret it (again, anyone who's been around awhile will tell you that the scope is the expensive component in this equation)... jmho... Larry
Larry has brought up an excellent point.
Why pay good money for a sub par scope, when you can get a "preowned" Loopie for about the same price.

As many of you know, I'm not a huge fan of Leupold, but I give them credit when it's due. With the Vari-X line being phased out, a guy can get a real good scope, for pennies on the dollar, so to speak. Lifetime, transferable warranty, it's a good deal for those looking to buy a dependable scope on a budget..sakofan..
Or, you can do what I do. I invested in good optics with micrometer adjusments and rail mounts. I can swap my expensive scope to all of my rifles, set the adjustments per my notebook, and off I go hunting. Makes building new rifles a possibility because the end cost is half of what I would have invested if I needed to top it with new glass.
I guess it all depends on what you use your rifle for and what you expect it to do.

There are still plenty of guys that hunt over iron sights and think this whole argument over what scope to use is silly.

To each his own, that's why there are hundreds of scopes, in all price ranges, being made and sold by many different manufacturers today. If there was only one brand that was any good according to what many fanatics say, only Leupold would be in business today.

The original question posed by the author of this topic was whether or not BSA was a decent cheap scope, not the best scope.

In my limited ignorant opinion, the best bargain in scopes today, is the recently discontinued scope line offered by Smith & Wesson. They are made by Hakko in Japan, the same company that makes the highly rated Tasco Super Sniper scope as well as others. They are being sold at blowout prices because S&W has dropped their entire line of scopes and other accessories.

If you're looking for the best scope for a very few dollars, you might want to review the specs of these scopes here:

High price

Low price

These scopes can even be had for lower prices on eBay if you shop carefully. I recently bought the S&W 4-18x42 and the 6-24x42, and believe they are worth twice what I paid for them.

If you are more concerned about the image you present to your hunting buddies by virtue of a gold stripe on your scope than the high quality image produced by these S&W scopes for a lot less money, by all means, buy something else.

Aside from that, I don't know anything about BSA scopes except that I have one on a pellet rifle and it has worked great after a lot of use.

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Excellent point, Chessman. I do the same thing.
I also like the luxury of having a back up scope when I go out west to hunt..sakofan..
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