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    About ten yrs ago when we come to COlo I figured wife needed a lil more than her Penna whitetail .243 for elk, so I bought a newish Savage 111 30.06 cheap offa When I went to pick the rifle up the dealer said how much was it and I told him , he said you should buy our guns for us. The gun had never been fired and had only handling scratches on the wood stock. We took it to a smithy and he measured her and cut off the stock and put on a Pachmayer. Any way she used it a few years til the crappy Simmons 3-9x32 scope fell apart inside , probably from all the ammo she runs thru it practicing with cheapo Rem greenbox 150gr ammo from ChinaMart. I replaced the Simmons with a 3-9x40 Bushnell Trophy duplex that I had laying around and boy did that make a difference. The positive clicks and repeatability are amazing for a <500.00 scope.

    Anyway this yr when elk hunting she saw some bulls at 700 and 520 yrds but didnt take the 520 shot as she was unsure of making it as she hadnt shot target at 500y yet. She said we need a LRH rifle or diff ammo or something. So I took her rifle to the range and zeroed it for 425y the other day and was shooting 4" groups with HSM 165gr BTSP ammo I buy in bulk from Cabela's.
    Not bad for a pawn shop rack rifle...
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    Since you didn't reply to my email -- have you tried using a different browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox?
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    Thats a savage for you