charge master vs auto charge


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May 19, 2009
I'm looking at getting either the rcbs 1500 chargemaster scale/dispenser or the hornady auto charge scale/dispenser. The hornady is on sale at midway but is there a disadvantage of going with the hornady or am I better off spending more and going with the rcbs. I don't want to cause an argument over the two,just want to know if those of you that own the hornady are satisfied. Thanks in advance.


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Sep 15, 2009
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I've used the Hornady Autocharge for a few months now. I'm real happy with it. It dispenses quickly, accurately, and holds zero well unless there is a drastic temperature change.
I do have to say, the first one i got (early production) was pretty crap, the buttons on the front started to only work sometimes until several didn't work at all.... However i got a replacement 3months ago and this one has performed flawlessly!

But i decided it is not for me. I really enjoy reloading, and like weighing charges one by one, and want to replace my AutoCharge with a deluxe electronic scale. So if you decide to go with the Hornady product, let me know and ill make you a good deal on an almost NIB AutoCharge, in the original box and packaging.


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Dec 15, 2010
Don't know about the Hornady but I just received the RCBS chargemaster from Midwayusa and they have it on sale for $299 with a $50 rebate on purchases of $300 or more so I ordered a couple case holders that I needed to get the rebate. I bought the RCBS based off reviews from midway, cabelas, and yahoo searches. Seemed like there were a lot of positive reviews for the chargemaster and several of the reviews for the Hornady were stating that it had hard time producing the same charge every time. I'm hoping the RCBS does the trick for me
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