Changing calibers?


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Feb 3, 2002
Lebanon, Maine
I take it that it doesn't have the new accu-trigger? If it doesn't, I would probably sell it and get one that did if you want savage. Otherwise I would look around for a gently used LR gun that if not in your choice of caliber (.300 RUM) could just be rebarreled.
OK, here goes! I have a SS/Laminated Savage 300 win mag in a heavy barrelled 112 w/Leupold 8.5-25x50 30mm tube TD. Bought the gun and scope used for a real good price with the intention of selling the Savage and using the scope off it for another gun. However, I have grown to like the gun and would consider having it rebarreled and rechambered to a 300RUM or 338. Is this a good platform to do so? Would I be better served to sell and start with a Rem. 700 action or custom action? My intention for this gun is LR targets at first then Deer and Antelope once I get comfortable enough for live game shots to 800 yds. The reason I am considering a rechamber is that I reload, I also have a Sako V 300 win mag SS/synthetic w/3.5-10x40 Zeiss. Therefore, to save confusion on the reloading table I would like a different chambering from one gun to another. Also does anybody know of any good gunsmiths to perform this service in the Colorado, Wyoming or Nebraska area? Thanks for your help.
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