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    Oct 12, 2011
    Hi guys just like to share a Chamois hunt where I had some good luck!
    (Chamois are mountain antelope introduced into NZ from the European alps in 1907)

    My partner and I just recently moved to area where there are tons on Chamois! Normally they are found at high altitude but here on the west coast they are found right down to sea level in some areas.
    I had being seeing alot of animals while at work(Im a glacier guide at the moment) and decided we needed some meat. Im normally after a trophy when I hunt chamois but decided I would shoot the first animal we saw for meat.

    So we headed off and pretty much straight away I spotted a good looking buck about a km away. as we were making a plan to stalk on him we spotted a nanny and a yearling about 200m away starting to run up a bluff. I quickly got into a average rest over a rock and proceeded to miss two shots at a very steep uphill angle.
    I was abit annoyed at myself for rushing the shots but that happens.
    Just as we were about to head off my missus spotted a Chamois buck that we had startled about 150m away. He was running at a fair rate of knots but I gave out a yell and he stopped(as they do about 90% of the time).
    I managed a quick shot with the .243 and he hit the deck. I didnt really have time to get much of a look at him but his hooks seemed all right to me.
    When we got over to him his horns were looking pretty good!
    After a easy carry back to the car I got the measure tape out and he turned out to be 9.5 inches with good 4inch bases. My best Buck to date!

    This is why enjoying hunting Chamois so much. they always have a few more surprises up their sleeves than what you could expect. Cheers to Mirella my partner for her keen eye sight haha

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    Feb 3, 2011
    Outstanding and man, what a beautiful animal.

    On my list of "once in a lifetime hunts" is is trip to your fair land to hunt them, Tahr, and maybe a red deer if I can squeak that in too.