chamber and throat cleaning


Aug 23, 2009
A lot has been written about bore cleaning but I would like to know more about chamber and throat cleaning. 1) Does a bore guide restrict throat cleaning? 2) what tools are needed to for this type of cleaning? 3) How important is cleaninig in this area? Anything else I need to know? Thanks. I am new to precision rifle shooting and have really appreciated all the knowledge here.
Erndog.....Sometimes carbon can build up in the throat area and cause accuracy problems by tearing up the bullet. You can remedy this by soaking the area with a patch saturated with Kroil, Hopes, or somthing similar that will not harm the bore. Let it soak for a couple of days if necessary, then wrap a patch around a bore brush that fits snugly and rotate the cleaning rod. If the patch comes out black from a previously cleaned bore, you know you have done some good. As far as the chamber goes, I like to use a 410 shotgun cotton brush and rotate with some Kroil or hoppes applied. Good luck......Rich:)
Bore guides dont restrict throat cleaning. They center and guide the rod into the throat and bore. A general cleaning with a good copper and powder remover should get your throat clean. I use Bore Tech eliminator and Wipeout. I usually start with Bore Tech to get most of the fouling out and then finish up with one or two soakings with Wipeout which is a spray-in foam cleaner. It will get your bore and throat totally free of copper and remove most of the powder. If I want to remove all the powder, I found that Montana Extreme Copper Cream is good at that. The directions i got from a product tech was to put the cream on a patch and run it to the muzzle but not all the way out, pull it back and then push and pull it back and forth a few times and repeat with more patches until the patches come out white. There are some other good powder removers as well.

For chambers I use a larege cal brush and wrap a large patch around it and twist it in the chamber now and then.

Hope that helps,

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