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Feb 18, 2008
Timberville Va
I have the spypoint link mirco, and at first it worked pretty well. Daytime pics a good, nighttime pics leave a lot to be desired. The flash seems to wash out the picture. Now the camera just takes a picture right before it transmits them to the app, so I end up with pictures of nothing at the set transmission times. Battery life is good with lithium batteries. Also the spypoint app is very user friendly and the picture plans are affordable and easy to cancel.


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Jul 24, 2019
Me and two buddies tried them all last year. At the end of the year, we all decided that the Ridgetec was the most stable one with the most features.

SpyPoint was the worst followed closely by Bushnell. Snyper was alright but they “test” releases in production that will sometimes lock you up and require an in person firmware update. We are 4 hours from our cameras so that doesn’t work. Their support was great but just too small and to new. The Tacticam based upon what I have seen is the exact same camera with different software.

Covert, Stealth, Moultrie and Cuddie were alright but weren’t as good as the Ridgetec.

One disclaimer....none of us used the Cuddielink or the Moultrie link these were all actual transmitting cameras.

Good luck!


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Dec 4, 2018
Anyone have a Reconyx cell cam? I have eight non- cell Reconyx cameras and love them, but their cell cameras are hi and I hadn't read lots of good reviews about the Ridgetec camera... plus they are a Georgia-based company.


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Oct 1, 2013
I have 9 Covert cameras both Verizon and AT&T. Also just recently purchased the Cuddelink system. Pros and cons for both. Zero experience with other brands but can give u first hand information on those two if u want to private message me.


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Feb 7, 2013
Just received Tactacam Reveal ATT yesterday and will be putting it out this morning. Initial impression is quite good.
  1. Good solid case with large locking clasp
  2. 2 different 1/4" standard camera thread which will be nice for different mounting options
  3. Nice large mounting strap
  4. Ability to cable lock through two security eyes on back of camera
  5. Setup was incredibly easy even for a 70 year old non-millenial but still techy guy.
  6. Unlimited data plan was reasonable and bought the annual plan.
  7. Setup menu is intuitive and so easy even I was able to scroll through fast and set the parameters I wanted quickly! :eek:
  8. Can go up to 24MP which is really nice photo detail
  9. Does require 12 batteries but will see how the life span goes and will report back on that
  10. The APP allows you manipulate photos, manage camera settings as well. Easy to text or email photo but realize it will be low kb photo since it was sent to you.
Couple of pics just to show what it looks like etc. One I start to get a few I will post up as well. I am hoping the night pics are better than what I have gotten in past from many different cameras. The only night pics that worth a darn were with an actual flash. Neighbors kept thinking a storm was coming so I had to move it 😅

August 18, 2020 Update:
Just thought I update from using it for 5 days:
  1. The App does not reflect the entire camera menu.
  2. The App does not include video in the menu and if you change any picture parameters it will cancel out the video selection if you have it as a combo pic and video.
  3. The App does not have sound with the notification even though it is stated to be so in the App which was a royal PITA of wasted time trying to figure out why my phone was not giving out a sound with the notification. They know that and I suggested a short note telling folks would be NICE so we don't waste hours trying to fix our phones!!!!
  4. The App SMS and email notifications do not seem to be working.
  5. Video is pretty good (when I still had it) and teamed up with pic selection well.
  6. Sensitivity and range is FANTASTIC! I cannot believe how far away I am capturing pics of deer and even a stray cat.
  7. Since sensitivity is so good, make sure all branches are completely trimmed back or else a pic of your landscape is going to be frequent.
  8. Night pics look pretty good so far. Clear enough for IR and not fuzzy.
The real problem I see with this camera is the App needs some serious updating to make it more practical and better coordinated with the camera menu.


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Aug 13, 2012
The Republic of Texas
I have 2 coverts from 2015 that run 9 months to year round and are starting to become unreliable in their pictures.

I just bought 2 new code blacks from covert directly. They have an upgrade program for existing so mine cost me $280.

Their customer service is great as is the app and at&t service plans are very reasonable.

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