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Jan 16, 2013
Ive been AWOL from the site for a little bit for multiple reasons but I just finished up designing some 3d printed items for these trimmers and I no longer need the trimmers. They were never used other than to make shavings catchers for them and some pictures. I will send everything that came with the trimmer and the shavings catcher I designed with each trimmer. I have attached some images, you can see which image goes to which trimmer. Paypal or venmo preferred.

Lyman universal $90 TYD SOLD SOLD SOLD
This has the power shaft that connects to a drill also its just not in the picture.

Redding 2400 $185 TYD SOLD SOLD SOLD


  • Redding 2400 Trimmer 2.jpg
    Redding 2400 Trimmer 2.jpg
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  • Lyman universal Trimmer 2.jpg
    Lyman universal Trimmer 2.jpg
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  • Lyman universal Trimmer.jpg
    Lyman universal Trimmer.jpg
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